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From 2004 to 2024

the Boone Bike Team has felt like family!

Have you ever wondered...

"Where are they now?"

As we approach 20 years of ownership...

we wanted to share a look back at the great team members we've worked with over the years!

Each month we hope to add more updates as we reach out to our former crew with these 3 simple questions:

1) Where are you now?
2) Do you still ride bikes? 
3) What's a memory you'd like to share
about your days working at Boone Bike?

We hope you remember theses smiling faces, and enjoy this trip down memory lane as we catch up with former Boone Bike employees!
---Sarah & Shaw Brown

First group "staff" photo taken in 2005 in prep for our first website, created by Kent Feid (black t-shirt) our original website designer!

BB Staff: Front Row (L to R) The one and only Sam Hutchens, still our #1 mechanic, Bryan McCutchen, Kent "web guy".  Back Row (L to R) Andy Mitcheltree, Patrick Sullivan, Paul Edmonds.

Patrick Sullivan

April 2005 - Sept 2007

Where are you now? I am still in Boone!
After finishing at ASU I started Basil's, which is near Boone Mall. The Wednesday night group ride leaves from there, and you are welcome to park there and ride any time. No need to check in! Winkler's Creek, Deck Hill, The Greenway, and the Wednesday loop are all easily accessible. My wife Kate is a psychologist who practices general therapy and has recently begun autism assessment for adults. 
In 2021 we had a girl, Avery!
You know what I look like, so here is Avery.
Do you still ride bikes? I have not consistently had the time to ride, but have been running and lifting. Pretty soon I'll be the guy bringing in a 20 year old road bike for what I hope is just some chain lube.

What's a memory you'd like to share about your days working at Boone Bike? A Boone Bike memory from the old location was the ancient computer system. Whenever the mouse stopped working Shaw would have to track down the tattered sheet of paper that detailed how to use the system when the mouse was out of service. I wondered what we would do if that piece of paper went missing. Also notable was the foam downstairs on the way to the bathroom. This foam covered the corner where Shaw would regularly hit his head. 

Paul Edmonds

Aug 2005 - Dec 2007

Where are you now? Living in Rocklin, California

Two kids: Harvey & Adelaide, both shred bikes

Engineering Project Manager – Specialized!

Do you still ride bikes? Yes! Riding mountain bikes is part of my job! My kids started racing BMX when we moved to Northern CA. I wasn’t able to just sit on the sidelines, it has evolved into racing the CA State and National Series.

What's a memory you'd like to share
about your days working at Boone Bike?

Getting rejected at dinner with Shaw and Sarah when I handed the waiter a fake ID.  Shaw dropping a stack of tires over my head from the attic stairway when I was walking up from the bathroom.  Months of sh*t talking in preparation for the Bridge-to-Bridge, Lowes Motor Speedway, and cross racing.

Joseph Grimes

April 2006 - April 2014

Where are you now?  Living just West of West Asheville - working as Supply Chain Leader at Cane Creek Cycling Components.  We don't have kids but we still have Jada the Dog (nearly 15yrs old) and relatively new to us Velo the Dog (approx 1.5yrs old) and we still love her but we lost little Lily the Dog to cancer in January '23.

Do you still ride bikes? 
Yes, normally - recovering from hip surgery / physical therapy - but yes generally riding mountain / 'gravel' / road + racing cyclocross and looking forward to Master 40+ if when my leg hip situation gets back to normal.  Aside from bikes - we aim to get into the woods camping at least once a month and are adjusting to campervan-ing now with we're getting old.
What's a memory you'd like to share about your days working at Boone Bike?  I can't pinpoint a specific Friday Night Ride - well - maybe there was one time Donovan almost punched a guy out behind Wells Fargo - anyways - Friday Night fun rides involving Flannery Fork were awesome then going to Boone Saloon with our work family / actually families & friends were pretty tough to beat.  And Beastie Boys + Al Green on the jukebox.  Yeah.

Noah Niwinski

March 2008 - November 2009

Where are you now? I am still living in Boone, enjoying all of the seasons of the High Country. I am a Realtor with Premier Sotheby's and a cycling coach with CTS, so I get to spend my time out and about in all corners of the area. 

Do you still ride bikes? 
I still ride bikes quite a bit. I race some USA Cycling road events and gran fondos as well as the occasional cycling trip across the pond to Europe to ride some of the big mountains and stay in some of the hotels from the 1970s but we still have it pretty fantastic up here.
What's a memory you'd like to share about your days working at Boone Bike?  Some good memories: hauling up that 30 inch TV from the basement every July to wrestle it on that ledge to show the Tour. It weighed about 80-90 pounds and was a two person job. Having those director chairs out would attract a host of characters who would hang out for the day and watch the big show. The Garbage plates from Build your Own Burger were fantastic. Huge Tuesday Night Rides rolling deep. Everyone getting amped about cyclocross, scoping out course designs, and trying to find some obscure European magnesium cantilever brake accessory. Full-face helmets at bike polo were a must.