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Professional Fit Services

Due to COVID-19 we are not doing Professional Fit Services.

Thank you for your understanding.

We can help.

If riding your bicycle makes you uncomfortable, you'll probably stop riding.  We don't consider that to be a very good option.  For years Boone Bike has been doing bicycle fittings to prevent that from happening.  

There is a common misconception that you will need a professional bicycle fitting when buying a new bike. At Boone Bike we make sure that everyone purchases the correct “fit” size bicycle as part of the everyday buying process. We will set your seat to the right height and make sure the stem is in the ideal position for your riding style. We make all these adjustments for free to help ensure your comfort while riding. If you own a bicycle and want a second opinion on the saddle and upper body position, we offer a simply “floor fit” for $40.

Our Professional Fit Service requires an appointment in advance. The fitting costs $150 and usually lasts anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours.  It takes place in our fit room where there will be no interruptions or distractions. You’ll need to bring your bike, whatever bike shorts you'd ride in, the shoes you ride in, and some sort of cycling top that allows us to see the curve of your back/shoulders while riding. 

We have experience in eliminating saddle discomfort, tingly hands & toes, and sore backs, knees, and necks.  In the world of professional bicycle fitting there are many different styles.  Shop owners, Sarah & Shaw Brown, are trained in several methods by Specialized Bicycles and Trek Bicycles, however they are most in line with fit guru...Michael Sylvester who gave them their first taste of the process in 2009.  We believe your physical history, personal goals, and flexibility should be considered in addition to your body and your bicycle's geometry.   
Email with questions or appointment requests.
Step 1We "interview" you...finding out about your riding style, physical history of aches/pains/etc, goals. 
Plus, we'll do an assessment of your flexibility & range of motion before ever having you get on your bicycle.
Step 2: Measuring & Analyzing your current bicycle position so we have a baseline before making any changes.
Step 3: Finally your bicycle will be placed in the stationary trainer where we'll observe you riding.  At this point we'll begin checking your saddle height and handlebar position to ensure you're body alignment meets your specific needs.
Throughout the bicycle fitting process we will share with you our observations & assessments.  We will evaluate your specific needs with you and make any changes necessary taking notes to ensure any modifications are properly recorded.  Depending on the starting position of components like seatposts, handlebars, & stems, we may need to sell you new parts to change your position.  Parts and labor to install them will be an additional charge.

We get excited about doing bicycle fittings because every rider is unique.  We encourage feedback after fittings, recommending follow-ups to address any new or unresolved issues.  Your records will be kept on file, allowing us to dial in any future bicycles with similar fit positions.