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Why buy your new bike from Boone Bike?

 We won’t let you buy the wrong one! In other words, we will take the time to figure out which type of bike makes the most sense for you.  Finding out where you want to ride, your goals, and your budget. 

Size matters.  Every brand and every model is measured differently, it can be stressful trying to figure it out on your own.  Even with charts & guides to go by, we all don’t fit the mold.  Our experienced staff knows how to analyze your fit to make sure your new bike is the right size for you.

We help educate you. (no pop-quiz, promise!) Lessons vary, based on your needs.  New to shifting gears? We’re happy to show you what that’s all about.  Unfamiliar with mechanical vs. disc brakes, come take a look as we explain the benefits.  That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the “lessons” we give to anyone shopping for a new bike with us, just ask!  We will make sure you know what tire pressure, how to inflate your tires, and even how to safely remove your front wheel before you take your new bike home.

New Bike Day Discount - 10% OFF Accessories.  We realize you’ll need a few extra items to make riding your bike safe & fun.  Need water bottle cages, a floor pump, kickstand, or fenders? A helmet is a must…it’s a Town of Boone ordinance, and a no-brainer! *Only a few exceptions apply to this discount- like items on sale/clearance or Küat racks & Garmin brand items.

FREE 90-day Service when you buy directly from our store or website! Your bike will be perfect the day it leaves our shop.  But, as you ride it, things will begin to “break-in”! Your gears may misbehave, your wheels and brakes may even need adjusting.  This is normal.  We expect cables to stretch over the first few months of riding.  We will do free adjustments as this happens & we’ll handle it, typically within 24-hours.  On your bike’s 3-month anniversary we’ll celebrate by giving you our basic $90.00 tune-up for FREE!

FREE Warranty Service during first year of ownership!  We sell top quality bikes, but every now and then, something may fail.  If this happens we will take care of it!  No processing fees or labor charges.