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Every Little Bit Counts

At Boone Bike, we care about our planet.

We do our best to protect this beautiful world we live in because it's simply the right thing to do.  For those of you that feel the same way, we thought you'd appreciate knowing the things we do every day to help lessen our negative impact.  Even if it means we must pay Watauga County to recycle, we think the price is worth it to keep the balance, and keep recyclable items out of the landfill.

Most of our efforts center around our bicycle repair shop. 


We pay to recycle every metal component (wheels, chains, spokes, etc.) that comes through our mechanic's hands. 

Instead of purchasing bundles of new shop rags and tossing the old, we pay the same price for a local laundry service to clean them. We'll keep them in circulation until the rags become more holes than fabric. 

No longer do we use a petroleum based solvent parts cleaner, instead we have invested in a more earth friendly PowerSonic cleaning device.  It uses high frequency sound waves, water, and biodegradable detergent to clean your drive trains.  Our mechanics lungs appreciate this change, too!

We purchase bulk-size boxes of the most popular sizes of inner tubes and chains to reduce the amount of packaging involved with individually sold tubes and chains.

Our vendors use lots of packing material to safely deliver products to our shop.  Not only do we recycle the cardboard boxes, we also breakdown any recyclable materials, and re-use those that we can when packing bikes and other items that we ship.  Each week the Town of Boone picks up our stacks of blue recycling bins which always outnumber our regular bags of trash.

With the guidance from experts at a local electrical supply company, we also converted the exterior building lights and all interior showroom, repair shop, and storage area to high quality LED lighting.   Although this was a large investment initially, the longevity of the bulbs, reduction of power required, and improved performance made it an easy choice for us.

Thank you for choosing to shop at Boone Bike.

We vow to continue to find ways in which our business can be earth friendly.