We rent more than bicycles...

Saddle Demo Discontinued

We no longer offer a saddle demo program.  Instead, we are offering you a 30-day return period. 

Buy a new saddle, return it within 30-days for a full refund,

if you don't like it.

We charge $15 per saddle install, which is non-refundable.

*This offer is for after-market "in-stock" saddle purchases only, not for saddles on new bicycles OR special-order saddles.

2 Bike Hitch Rack

Having a hard time getting your bicycles to fit inside of your vehicle?

If it's equipped with a receiver hitch we've got a simple rack for you to rent to transport two bicycles on the back of your ride!

Rent our Yakima Ridgeback 2 - Retail $290 for just $50 per week. 

Check in with us in advance to be sure your bicycles are compatible with this cradle-style rear rack.

Quarq ShockWiz

Looking to dial in your suspension?
Rent the $330 Quarq ShockWiz from us for just $25 per day!

Before you rent, you must do your homework:

1) Click the following link and watch this playlist to learn what YOU need to do-  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZmvTD4IF_8AiTuaZEAyALc2HVWyYTpSJ

2) Install the App on your smartphone before you arrive. Search: ShockWiz, Don't Worry, the App is FREE!

3) On the day of your reservation, sign a waiver, pick up the ShockWiz, and hit the trail!

*Don't forget your shock pump...or buy one from us when you arrive!

Bicycle Travel Case

Planning a vacation for you and your bicycle? 

When a cardboard box won't do, check out our 'old school' Trico Iron Bike Travel Case, which uses a durable Triconium shell to withstand the roughest airline and freight handling. Inside, your bike is cocooned in Trico's exclusive 100% Foam Encasement System for total protection. Sized for UPS shipping, 47" x 30" x 10" weighs 31 lbs.

We rent it for $50 per week.  Always check with us in advance to be sure your bicycle's dimensions will fit.