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Service Repair Request Form & Procedures

Bicycles in need of repair can be dropped off & picked up between 10am - 2pm Monday through Saturday

Please use this form to let our service department know what you need before you drop your bicycle off with us.   
  • After you submit the form, we will email you a confirmation.
  • Come to our parking lot and call us 828-262-5750.
  • Let us know your full name & that you have submitted an online repair request and are here to drop off your bike.
  • If you are physically able, please unload and place your bike on the green bike rack outside of our entrance.
  • We will come out to get your bicycle from the rack as quickly as possible.
We will service your bicycle, contacting you when it is complete, typically within 24-hours. 
  • You are welcome to come inside to pay/pick up your bicycle when it's ready! OR you may call us at 828-262-5750 to pay for your repair over the phone with your credit card.  We accept cash/check payment, and can collect that from you when you arrive.
  • When you are outside the shop, call us with your full name & that you're here to pick up your repaired bike!
  • We will bring your bike to the green rack outside for you to retrieve. 
  • Unless you request a paper copy, we will email you your receipt.

*If you do not drop off your bicycle within 14-days of submitting this form, your repair request will be removed from our system.

**Pedal assist electric bicycles are welcome, however electric bikes that have throttles are not. There is a $25 surcharge for tandem, adult trike, recumbent, and cargo bikes, etc as they present a unique set of challenges when moving them around the store, into/out of work stands, test riding, etc.


Tune-Up Rates and Descriptions

Full List of Labor Rates and Descriptions


No worries! We will diagnose it once you've dropped it off and contact you with our recommendations BEFORE we begin the work.