Electric Assist Rentals

Need a little bit of help tackling those climbs?

Take a spin on one of our Electric Assist Rental bikes.

***Must have a top quality bicycle rack capable of handling these 50lb+ bikes
AND the physical strength to lift it!***

Full Suspension Mountain Bike
Electric Assist Option:
Hybrid Bike
Electric Assist Option:
(Retail Value $4,600)
Available in frame sizes:
(Retail Value $4,500)
Available in frame sizes:
(Retail Value $3,200)
Available in frame size:
(Retail Value $3,200)
Available in frame size:

Interested in renting?

We’ll need to know the following:

1) Your desired frame size.  This is based on your height.

2) Your pedal preference: Flat, toe straps, or if you’re bringing your own clipless model.

3) For the LEVO, tell us your body weight...so we can dial in your suspension.  

4) For your added safety on the VADO, we will provide a Bontrager FLARE R daytime visible/rechargeable rear blinky light.
If you're renting for more than one day, we will loan you a USB charger to maintain maximum brightness!

Helmets are required. Bring your own or borrow one of ours for free!
We also provide you with a flat kit.  Better safe, than sorry!

   Rental Rates   


24 - hour Extra Day Weekly
Cost $75 $50 $320
Shop is CLOSED on Sunday.
If renting on a weekend, bikes must be returned to shop by 6pm Saturday
or by 10am Monday. 
Please call in advance to make reservations 828.262.5750 or complete the online Rental Reservation Form.

IMPORTANT:  WE DO NOT PROVIDE TRANSPORTATION of rental bikes. You must have a vehicle that is capable of safely carrying your rental bicycles to and from your cycling destination. Our rental fleet is geared towards riders five feet and taller. Individuals under the age of 18 years old must be accompanied by a legal guardian. This rental reservation is not guaranteed. Availability is subject to service/repair required per rental, which is determined by rental frequency. Attention Clipless Pedal Users: We do not rent cycling shoes. We do have a limited supply of clipless pedals available, but encourage you to bring your own. You will receive an email within 24 hours of submitting the online reservation form. If you do not, please contact us directly to confirm 828.262.5750. Thank you!

Terms and Conditions:  Valid driver's license, credit card and signed waiver required with all rentals. Have fun, but please don't abuse our rentals because you are accountable for any damage to the equipment! On rare occasions, we may not be able to meet your reservation needs. We'll do our best to notify you in advance or accommodate you with substitutions.